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Shon Douctre-DUI AttorneyHurry – President Obama issued an executive order for the BATF to look into changing the gun trust rules and regulations!  Maybe you have heard, Obama wants the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to investigate and close the alleged gun trust “loophole.”  The truth is, there is no “loophole” per se.  I feel this is the Obama administration’s media spin on this issue to gain support with the general public.


The future is always uncertain and the White House wants to limit your gun rights, so please CALL NOW.  I will draft your gun trust immediately in the hopes you can be “grandfathered” in before our government tightens up the law and takes away more of our Second Amendment liberties.

As an avid Second Amendment advocate, I am also known in the Florida Class 3 circles as a GUN TRUST lawyer.  I have been a firearm and shooting enthusiast since childhood. With such an interest in firearms, I entered into the Class 3 field in early 2000.  In fact, I began drafting Florida Gun Trusts for clients as far back as 2003.  I also travel to local Gun Shows in the Central Florida area and am known by many Class 3 dealers.  Many Class 3 dealers refer me people looking to set up legal Class 3 Gun Trusts.


Client often ask me about the pros and cons of owning Class 3 weapons/items with a ” Gun Trust,” commonly called a “Firearms Trust,” versus an LLC or a Corporation.  Since I am a licensed attorney in the State of Florida with vast experience in this subject area, I am always available to answer all of your questions.

There are many advantages to a Class 3 Gun Trust.  Here is a short snyapsis of them:

  1. Cost!  Setting up a “Gun Trust,” is very inexpensive.  I normally charge a one time legal services fee of $325 to set up your Gun Trust.  My goal is to have the Gun Trust created and mailed out to you within 24 of payment.  I do this so that you can get your Class 3 purchase going as soon as possible.  The sooner you get the Trust set up, the sooner you can lawfully purchase and send in your paperwork for approval. Most of the time, the initial consultation with you and trust creation are done over the phone. I draft all my “Gun Trusts” according to Florida’s law but they can be taken out of State and used out of state; however they will be governed by Florida law.  I serve clients is ALL Florida cities and counties.  Please contact me at my office in Orlando at 407-849-2949.  In addition, you can email at for more information or if you need a question answered. I do not change for an initial consult for my Gun Trust clients.  The good thing about Gun Trusts, unlike a Limited Liability Company or Florida S Corporation (or C Corp), is that there are no yearly fees to be paid to the State.  Over the long haul, this will save you money because a Gun Trust does not need renewed each each for money.
  2. Privacy!  The privacy on a Gun Trust is far better than an LLC or Corporation because a Firearms Trust does not be filed with the clerk of court or the public property records.  Thus, a Gun Trust is not public records and is not available to the general public for viewing.  Plus, all my client files are strictly CONFIDENTIAL. In addition, there are no federal or state tax or reporting requirements with a Gun Trust.
  3. Flexibility!  The Gun Trust I  draft is able to be legally changed in the future; should access, possession of the firearms, beneficiaries, etc. change or need to be changed.  I also offer lifetime changes with my Trusts for as long as I am an attorney.
  4. Safety! If an LLC or Corporation is dissolved, for any reason like non-payment of dues, the firearms become essentially unowned.  This type of thing can create a big problem with the BATF.  On the other hand, a Gun trust lasts your whole life and does not expire.  Getting your Gun Trust by an attorney PROTECTS YOU!  You will leave my office with the confidence of knowing it was done right.  In addition, you have the accountability of saying you had it done by an attorney and not by some form bank, etc.  If the BATF gives you a problem, you just call me!
  5. Longevity! A Gun Trust will last your whole life after it is created.  It can protect your firearms in the event of your incapacity or death.  A firearms trust will have a beneficiary or beneficiaries that you designate who will get the firearms in the event such things occur, like incapacity or your death (similar to a will).  My Gun Trust is normally set up where you are the beneficiary for your life and your beneficiary becomes vested upon your death.  At that point, the back-up trustee kicks in and he/she can sell the items and give the money to the beneficiary or transfer the assets to him/her upon BATF approval.


PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ANYTIME on my Cell 407-694-0651 …..I can answer all your questions about FLORIDA GUN TRUSTS.

If you would like to personally discuss the creation of your very own NFA trust for the purchase of any class 3 weapon or item such as a silencer, machine gun, short barreled rifle or shotgun, or AOW (any other weapon) please contact my legal Assistant, Ana, to set up a time to speak with me:

Office Phone: 407-849-2949 (ORLANDO)


Hurry, do not wait, laws will most likely change and you could miss a great opportunity to get into the Class 3 community.  THE CALL IS FREE!


Please note:  You must be fully legal, over the age of 21, and have no criminal history that would prevent you from owning or possessing firearms in order to purchase a Gun Trust.

Thank you!



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