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I'm a satisfied customer!

I hired Shon Douctre on a first time DUI case and I think that he did a very good job for me. He always kept me informed and told me where I stood with the court and district attorney. While I did not get out of it fully, he saved me a lot of possible bad things. I think he helped me make the absolute best choices for my particular DUI case. He was up front with me. He said I cannot promise you we will win the case but I do promise to do the very best. He did it.

JKM 5-20-2014


I don't have a criminal case, but I did meet Attorney Douctre today at the courthouse while I was there on a family law matter. I was so lost and scared. I asked him if he was a lawyer and he said yes, but he said he was not a family lawyer but he was a Guardian Ad lidem who represents children and does know a little family law. He spoke to me, my mother, and my Uncle for over a hour giving us all types of guidance and helpful legal advice. I was surprised that he would take so much of his valuable time with us for free and we were strangers. I am not in the legal system ever and I don't go to court so I was very intimidated and scared. In that hour Attorney Douctre made a very good impression on me and I took his card in case I had a traffic ticket. My Mother and I talked about him all the way home. When I looked him up, I saw all these great reviews so I wanted to add mine. I can tell he is a caring person who looks out for others in just meeting him. I hope this helps you understand what kind of lawyer Attorney Douctre is.

Monica Rodriguez 4-14-2014


Shon Douctre was my lawyer on a traffic ticket and he lived up to and exceeded my expectations! He was always very fast to respond to me and even gave me his cell phone. I would use him again and endorse him fully in traffic law matters.

Alex C. 4-7-2014

"Get Out Of Jail Free"

It is with great pleasure to be able to share and provide such a positive testimonial as to Attorney Shon Douctre, Private Counsel, LLC. Not only have I had the privilege of working with Shon as a client, but can say with the utmost confidence how highly recommended he is from friends and family members alike. Shon’s dedication and tireless advocacy along with his ability to rally on behalf of his client is remarkable. Shon has always displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. His good judgment and outlook ensure a logical and practical approach in all that he tackles. As a result of his successful representation he has truly made a difference in many lives both adults and youth alike. There is no better representation then that of an individual who believes in you and aggressively goes forward with what is in the best interest of his client. In addition to his outstanding service, he also has team of office professionals who are always such a pleasure to speak with.

RLH 4-2-2014

AAAAAA+++++ Attorney

I got a careless driving citation after I was hit from behind! The cop did not care what I said and made up his mind before talking to me. I just got the letter that Attorney Douctre just got is dismissed! God Bless him.

Norma 4-2-2014

Great Lawyer Shon Douctre

Hello, Shon and his great staff represented me on a expungement of my records. I must say, this lawyer knows what he is doing and I had bad experience with my other lawyer! Not Shon Douctres office. I signed some papers and never stepped foot back in the court room in front of the judge. Trust me, I did not want to see that judge ever again. I told Shons staff that same thing before hiring and he was able to get my criminal records expunged without needing me. They could not give me a guarntee but said he would try. Just pay him and forgot about it. Before you know it, it is done! His price was very fair too. Good job sir. Keep up the great work for your clients. I hope I never need you :)

Expungement client 3-31-2014

Very Outstanding Performance

Hi, I would love to take this to thank you so very much Shon Douctre because of how you were able to handle my accident case that had happened to me in Eustis, Florida. I was hit on the side of my car by a motorist that was on the phone and not paying attention to their driving. When approuched by the officers they of course had asked me what happened and I told them what happened. They thought that I wasn't telling the truth but I knew that I was because it was early morning hours and the only two people that were there was me and the motorist that had hit me on the side of my car. Anyways I knew and had a feeling that things were going right because I had a gut feeling that the officer(s) there weren't being forward with me on the matter when it came down to asking me if I was ok which by the way didnt happen. Anyways I just wanna say that I had made the best and greatest decision in going to your office and your receptionist was really a sweetheart and ensured me that the case was going to be taken care of and what do I know. I have gotten a mail from your law firm letting me know that the matter has been dismissed in all and I would love to take the time in thanking you so very much for a very outstanding job that you did and I did read over your credituals and I must say very impressive. That is the kind of lawyer that I would definally have on my side as my one and only avocate here. Thank you so very much again Shon really you have taken what would of been a life time of heartache and agony here. I will never forget you for as long as I live here and this life changing experience has taught me that when it comes to matters of life that one should always be strong and couragist here too. May you take care of yourself and also have yourself such a wonderful day/night here alright.

Santos Sanchez Jr. 3-29-2014





Shon Douctre 3-5-2014

No points, no one beats Shon Doutre

He always handles my tickets. I don't know what he does or how he does it but Shon always gets me no points. He is on speed dial on my phone. Great guy and always calls me back. I send him all my friends. He even does tickets for free if he knows you and you get lots of tickets! I am proud to know him as my lawyer.

Matt 3-5-2014

Ticket King

He got my tickets all dismissed. I am very pleased with his service. This was the second time I used him and both times no points or dismissed. I would certainly choose him again.

Miguel 3-2-2014

Professional Lawyer for you

Mr. Douctre represented me on a DUI. He was referred to me by a friend. I had a pretty bad case because I blew 2 times the legal limit and crashed my new car. It was not good for me. I felt so lost and hopeless. In the end, my outcome was very good given the circumstances. Mr. Douctre kept my out of going back to jail and I even have a hardship license to go to work. I owe him my life because I could not go back to that disgusting jail. I would send him clients because he treated me so professional and right.

Shannon C. 2-27-2014

Positive Experience

I hired Shon Douctre because of a criminal racing charge and other tickets. Four of my friends went with him and praised his name. I was about to lose my driver's license for a whole year but for the work of Shon. Shon got the case reduced to a traffic ticket with no points and I was so happy! Attorney Shon was very confident and professional from the beginning. He made me feel positive all through the process. Attorney Shon ultimately delivered great results on my case too and was worth every dime. Plus, he is a good down to earth person. I am sure you will like him personally and he will do well for you. I was lucky I found him and I am a client for life!

JC 2-26-2014

Satisfied client!

I think Attorney Douctre is an excellent lawyer! My DUI case was kind of complicated and he knew it so well. I blew over twice the legal limit and recked my car. Shon made all the right arguments and got my charges reduced to reckless driving in like an hour. Shon beat up on the arresting officer in court BAD! I almost felt sorry for the cop but not really. :) The judge seemed to want to hear everything that Shon said and nothing the prosecutor had to say. He has a great reputation in court. In the end he got my charge reduced and the DUI was thrown out of court. I was very satisfied with Shon's services. Hopefully I won't need him again, but if I ever got arrested for anything he would be my first call.


Very HAPPY I picked Shon

I went to court thinking I was screwed and Attorney Shon Douctre not only got my charges dropped but I did not have to pay court costs even. How cool is that? Incredible. I just hope you all realize this attorney is remarkable. He always kept me informed and showed how much he cared for my case. He exceeded all my hopes and I will send him all my friends if they ever get a DUI or whatnot.

John 1-28-2014

He is a life-saver.

I was arrested and charged with a felony due to an event that got out of control. I was looking at 90 days in jail and scared to death. I reached out to Shon at the suggestion of a friend and am so happy I did. Shon filed a motion to suppress and won. A couple days later the prosecutor dropped all charges. I was so relieved. Shon saved my life, my job, and time with my family. If you're looking for an attorney who cares about your side of the story and who will fight for you, look no further. THANK YOU SHON!


Quick & Easy!

Special Thank You to Shon for taking care of my latest traffic ticket, I just gave him all the information the day before the ticket was due and he handled everything. Because of him I received no points on my license without having to go to school and my insurance premium did not go up. I recommend him to everyone, YOU’RE THE BEST!
Karen H.

Karen 1-7-2014

Extraordinary representation!

Mr. Douctre is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney when it comes to legal representation. He handled my case with utmost expertise, professionalism and courtesy and achieved the result I was happy with. He promptly returned my phone calls, advocated on my behalf and kept me informed at all stages. He is one of the best given his experience and reputation. I highly recommend him.

Abraham 11-22-2013

Attorney Shon Douctre

I hired Attorney Shon for a case because of his great experience level and the way he presents himself.  He did not disappoint.  I like that he kept me informed and told me what was going to happen every time we went to court.  He knows his stuff and the courts in Orange County.  He is the kind of lawyer you hire and forget about your case.  I have so much good to say it will take longer than I have.  Good job!!!!


Albert 9-30-2013

Very happy

I was never in trouble before so I was very worried of the whole criminal thing.Shon explained everything and did an outstanding job on my case. I think he is a great lawyer and a great guy too. He was very knowledgeable and I think he will work hard for you. Stop calling around, he is the best man for the job and I never give good comments about people


Carlos 8-22-2013
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